Individual online language classes

  • Russian language classes

On-line format for English native speakers

The language teacher is Russian native speaker, who permanently lives and works in Belarus, Eastern Europe and constantly communicates with Russian citizens, project managers, businessmen, specialists and professionals in the field of IT, engineering, industry, sports and healthcare.

The top priority of classes is live communication, development of speaking skills on the level of native speaker.

The program structure bases on the professional education program for diplomats and translators:

  1. Individual program according to your specific professional or daily goals and targets.
  2. Development of your personal vocabulary up to 5000 words.
  3. Phonetic studies. Teaching to speak without foreign accent as native Russian speaker. Explanation of set expression.
  4. Instruction in Russian mentality and explanation of communication peculiarities.
  5. Possibility to start speaking in Russian after a month of classes, freely in several topics and without accent.
  6. Learning how to write correctly in Russian, including the rules of correspondence, text messaging and resumes, CVs.
  7. Development of individual professional lexis in any professional field. The professional translator will prepare a specific glossary for your needs, so you could communicate in any professional sphere.

The language teacher — about me.

Hi, my name is Yahor Maishutovich (Егор Майшутович). My web-site is

I am professional in English/Russian/Portuguese translations, the teacher of Russian language and Russian native speaker.


BA diploma of Belarussian State University, Faculty of International Relations, year of graduation – 2016

MA diploma of Yerevan State University, Centre of European Studies, Harvard School of Law course & EU Eastern Partnership.

Working experience

During my work as translation professional, I have translated over 880 000 words (it is 3520 pages or 18 books). I am constantly working with the translations of any subject, starting from general up to IT, Business, Finance, Engineering, Law and Literature. Moreover, I teach foreign languages for 2 years, my students start to speak freely in a month on the most general topics. After the course of language studies, students speak as native speakers without accent and grammar mistakes.

About online classes

Before we start, we discuss your aims and targets. In addition, we form individual curriculum. After each month of studying we together analyze the current results in order to control your progress better.

Agreement conditions

After we came to conclusion concerning individual curriculum, we sign a contract with 100% prepayment.

Contacts for communication:

My phone +375293153086

E-mail —

Skype- Yahor_Maishutovich

LinkedIn —

We can prepare you for:

Job in Russian-speaking Company or region

We will teach you the professional lexis on the level of native speaker in any field from business and marketing up to culture, technics, engineering and IT.

Moreover, we will develop correct accent and phonetics of Russian language to make your speech the same as the native speaker’s language. In addition, the classes include the education of the real modern Russian language independently from strict grammar requirements of schools and Universities.

According to the expected studies results you will:

  • Freely speak in 50 topics: from simple household topics up to deep specific tasks, using profession jargon.
  • Develop the speaking vocabulary up to 2000 words, where 500 words, it is professional lexis in your field of business and work.
  • Easily and spontaneously speak whatever you think in Russian.
  • Get solid skill of correct pronunciation and accent, clear understanding of when and how you can use the Russian sounds.
  • Study to express your thoughts, feelings and emotions in Russian like native speaker in a clear and structured manner anywhere from speech up to business correspondence.
  • Learn the basics of translation theory and practice in Russian on the level of professional diplomats and translators in order to translate and write, as well as understand Russian on a high level.

Business program conditions

  1. The program timeframe constitutes 8 months, 12 online classes per month for 90 minutes. High intensity of speaking practice, each lesson you will talk in order to develop high quality speaking skills.
  2. The classes go online via Skype call in comfortable for you time agreed with the teacher. WE build individual curriculum depending on your aims and targets.
  3. Price 1000 USD / month.
  4. The full program cost – 8000 USD / 8 months (96 lessons, each one for 90 minutes). Ypu can pay each month.
  5. The individual online classes on the basis of contract. The first trial lesson is for free. 100 % prepayment.


Hi, we have added new portfolio file in EN-PT technical subject.

The additional subjects will include:

  • Technical and engineering,
  • Mechanical engineering,
  • Manuals,
  • Documents and certificates,
  • Industry,
  • Products and catalogs.

Translation sample:

Translation price — 0,075 USD / word.

Volume / time — 2000 words (manual input) / day.

Good and fast translation Russian (Native) – English (C1+)

  • English (USA)
  • English (United Kingdom)

I can do a good translation for your project. Let’s contact and discuss the details so we could start working.

  • 100 % Quality
  • 100 % Complience with deadlines (according to Customers reviews)
  • 249 projects completed
  • 850 000 words translated


  • Translation – $ 0,05 / word
  • Proofreading – $ 0,08 / word
  • Editing – $ 0,08 / word


ERP, Aviation and Space, Industrial automation, Automotive business, Banking and Investment, Business, Accounting, Geography, Annual reports, Mining, Contracts and Reports, Documents and certificates, Food and drinks, Life Sciences, IT and telecom, Gaming, Manuals, Arts and culture, History, Cartography, Electrical engineering, Economics, Fiction, Finance, HR, Technical and engineering, Insurance, Sociology, Correspondence, General, Oil and Gas, Education, Mechanical engineering, Architecture, Biology, Biotechnology, Blockchain and cryptocurrency, Website, Localization, Geology, Corporate social responsibility, Cosmetics, Linguistics, Marketing, advertising and PR, Medicine, Medical equipment, Fashion, Science, Real estate, Social science, Products and catalogs, Recreation, Politics and society, Luxury items, Software, Industry, Religion, Agriculture, Sport, Construction, Thermal power engineering, Transport, Tourism and Travel, Pharmaceutics, Chemestry, Energy, Legal.