Localization – IT translation by Yahor Maishutovich

Translation services by Yahor Maishutovich

For 0, 04 USD/word, 7 USD/page:

  • Accuracy due to pro TMs and dictionaries.        
  • Promptness with translation speed of 1000-5000 words / 24h.
  • Native speaking throughout 219 projects and 804 000 words translated.

Complete translation process including: draft, translation, TM and vocabulary check, editing and post-editing, as well as proofreading.

Responsible approach: strict deadlines, specification analysis and consistent communication with customer.

Subject areas: game localization, software testing, mobile apps, programming, front-end and UX/UI design.

For more information, contact me personally or write to contact@yahormaishutovich.com

Published by Yahor Maishutovich

Hi, thanks for watching my page. I started to work as Freelance translator 2 years ago. Now, I have more than 3 mln. translated words of experience, more than 450 000 translated words via SmartCat platform during the last year. I have official registration as a translator in Belarus, BA and MA degree, serious partfolio and good quality feedback from my customers. Currently, I am open to work with texts of any field on the professional level with translation rate 0,03-0,05 $/word in Russian, English, Portuguese and Spanish. My translation speed rate is 4-5 000 words / day ASAP. In case of interest, Please contact me. Best regards, Maishutovich Yahor +375293153086 Maishutovich.yahor@gmail.com

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