Today I would like to share one more successful project. I have received positive feedback review with 100% quality and Compliance with deadlines from Project manager Anna Skripka from Russia.            

Positive feedback review by Anna Skripka. The text of review in Russian says Thanks for fast translation! The trasnaltion is made with good quality and speed!

The translation referred to the purchase of vaccine SPUTNIK V against COVID-19 to Mexico. The document was signed by Jorge Carlos Alcocer Varela, Minister of Health in Mexico.

The Spanish legal text has a number of difficult features. Among them the most particular feature relates to the large and long sentences, the pattern of Spanish legal text. The source text is in open access (, so I can actually share some details about the peculiarities of translation practice from Mexican legal Spanish into Russian in this very case.

Let’s look through the first article of the agreement published in the Official Journal of the Federation in Mexico.

The paragraph from the Official Journal of the Federation which had to be translated.

As we can see the sentence is quite long, because the main parts are connected by the participial constructions and verbal adverb phrases.

In order to translate the Mexican legal language into Russian, firstly we need to make the draft translation, where, firstly, we check each phrase in the dictionary, both Spanish to English and then English to Russian. In addition, we turn to the Spanish to Russian dictionary, but as we deal with Mexican Spanish it is better to do the double check. AS for me, I use Linguee ( as Spanish to English dictionary, then Multitran ( ) as English to Russian dictionary, and in addition Contexto Reverso ( as well as offline version of ABBY Lingvo ES-RU legal dictionary  in order to check Spanish to Russian translation.

After, the phrases are translated and reviewed, I start translation of constructions within the sentence, and then I connect them into one final sentence.

The example of segment translation from Spanish to Russian by Yahor Maishutovich.

This is how I prepare the draft translation. After that I start to re-read the final sentence in Russian and compare it to the official legal analogues in Russian language in order to adapt and transform the text in accordance with the legal and business norms of Russian language. In this case, we often apply to the official phrases of aim and relation, such as «с целью, касательно, в отношении», including links like «который, которая» and verbal adverb phrases in Russian.

It is important to underline the specific features of translation in this case. So, “ACUERDO por el que”  will be translated as “СОГЛАШЕНИЕ, согласно которому“, “en materia de salubridad general” as “в вопросах общего здравоохранения”, “los gobiernos de las entidades federativas en su calidad de autoridades sanitarias” as “правительства субъектов федерации в лице своих органов здравоохранения” and etc.. In addition, I would like to say that for Russian translator with experience of public service in any field it will be much easier to translate Mexican Legal as there are a lot of familiar between approaches to formalizations between Russian and Mexican legal formulations. Here, I have mentioned only a little piece of my work. However, the result is happy customer and good review.

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