Today I would like to share my success. One of my clients, translation agency Zippy, gave me the best quality and deadline review.

Positive feedback review in Russian. I am glad to have such. Thank you.

The project was about legal editing and post-editing from English into Portuguese. The file contained about 3300 words, the rate for editing and post-editing was 0, 02 USD per word. In addition, it required additional proofreading as the translator applied to Machine translation as it was found later.

The screenshot of the project statistics.

Here, I would like to show how the editing looked like. The line with the hidden name – is the translation which had to be edited. The line with my name, Yahor Maishutovich, contains the editing. Here you can see all the corrections.

Green lines show my editings. Red lines — what I had removed.

Here, you can see the final result. On the left side there is English source text, on the right – Edited target text in Portuguese.

The final view.

As I mentioned above, the project was about legal editing. The document contained elements of non-disclosure agreement. So, disclaimer was edited from RESPONSABILIDADE to ISENÇÃO DE RESPONSABILIDADE, broker – from corrector to agente.  The order of words was transformed according to the sense and meaning of the sentence. As the sentence informs us about the legal responsibility of author, we start the editing in Portuguese as “O autor é responsável exclusivamente por todos os seus pontos de vista ou as suas opiniões apresentados neste correio eletrônico”. Then, we close the sentence through the link between opinions and the frame of reference of the broker as “que não representam necessariamente os pontos de vista ou as opiniões de agente de Antares (e de suas subsidiárias), a menos que de outra forma especificamente declarada”. In addition, you can compare editing with the initial translation.

Finally, why does the title contain post-editing? It seems to me, that the author of translation used Machine Translation of Google translate or Context Reverso. That is why, the editing of his work can be called post-editing. The translator hadn’t a lot of grammar mistakes throughout the text. The editing mostly referred to post-editing and sentence transformation in accordance with the lexical rules of Portuguese. More precisely you can my work looking through these files: Source text, bilingual and final.

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Thanks for watching. Have a nice day!

P.S. I would like to thank Olga Perevodova, project manager from the Zippy translation agenecy, for good work, up-to-date feedback and positive review!

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