Hi, today my post is about first success with Mars Translation platform (https://www.marstranslation.com/).

On February 19, 2021, I have received the e-mail from Rosie Zhu, resource manager of CCJK. She asked to check the Mars Translation platform in order to start working with the translation projects. As I have found later, any new translator at this platform has to pass the translation test with manual input only within the language pair and the field he wants to work with.

The language pair exam had to take about an hour. I have spent several days preparing to the exam. Finally, two days ago I have passed the test in Technical and Engineering translation, language pair – English to Russian. The exam test was 60 minutes. The source text was about ARIS Business Strategy bundle.

About first ten minutes of the test I have been reading the text, then the manual input with vocabulary check took 30 minutes, and, in addition I spent 10 minutes as to do the proofreading and post-editing. All in all, 50 out of 60 minutes lasted my exam at Mars Translation. Later, the platform has sent me a message that the test approval will take from 5 to 20 working days.

Fortunately, two hours ago I have received the message from Mars Translation.

The e-mail from Mars Translation about the successful examination in Tehcnical and Engineering translation.

I have successfully passed the exam English to Russian in Technical and Engineering. My work was approved with TRANSLATION price USD 0.02. It is important to note, that I put such price rate by myself before the test, later it can be managed also. Since now, I have the first approval on the Cninese translation market and I suppose it is very good.

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Moreover, I would like to send a message to Rosie Zhu, resource manager of CCJK.

Hi, Rosie, I would like to thank you. I have successfully passed the exam in Technical and Engineering translation from English into Russian. My profile was approved at Mars translation and soon I will be working with the translation projects. Thank you so much for this great opportunity. I wish you the best.

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