Today I would like to share my experience of blogging translation. The Lithuanian translation agency, Circle Translations (, has offered to participate in the translation project which is about Russian bloggers on Ali-Express.  

The screenshot of the project details — the volume of files in the table.

The blogging translation contained 6 files, each file was around 5-6000 words, the total amount of words was over 31000. Each file included over 1000 segments, the segments consisted of 10-20 words: small phrases and remarks from the blog videos. The authors told about their shopping experience on Ali-Express. The most difficult part of work here was to translate the slang, casual speech, bad noises and mistakes in speech. Moreover, the translation requirement was manual input.

The work took several days, as the translation didn’t require any specific glossary, but it was quite uneasy to cope with monotonous and routine input of Russian bloggers’ speech. The project was quite big, more than 25 translators worked with the batch files, but we managed to succeed.

In case you need to translate such type of project you can invite me under such conditions as:

Translator – Yahor Maishutovich

Working hours – MSK time zone (6 AM – 8 PM each day)

Topic – Blog translation

Rate – 0,01 USD per word

Translation speed – 5000 words per day.

Style – manual input with glossary and vocabulary.

Feedback time: any time, except speeling hours. I am always in touch — 6 AM – 8 PM each day.

Contacts — +375293153086 – WhatsApp;

E-mail –

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