Today I would like to share with you my Smartcat CV profile ( ). It may be interesting for the possible stakeholders and clients as well as specialists in the field of translation.

Firstly, I would like to underline the statistics of my working experience. During one year of written translations at Smartcat, I have complete more than 155 projects and translated more than 750000 words working with such language pairs as English – Russian, Russian – English, Portuguese – Russian, Russian – Portuguese, English – Portuguese, Portuguese – English, Spanish – Russian, Spanish – English. Based on 33 reviews, the Smartcat statistics evaluates my work with 100% grade in quality and compliance with the deadlines.

The statistics of Smartcat profile.

The average price rate for my translation is not high and constitutes around 0, 02 USD per word. The average volume of daily project is around 2000-4000 words. The record volume of translation per day is 20000 words (personal break). Currently I am working in three Smartcat servers: Europe, Asia and USA. My time zone is Minsk, Belarus, but I get up each day at 6 AM, so I am reachable both for Asian and USA time.

My CV details in Smartcat profile.

I am a certified translator and the graduate in the field of translation. I have graduated from Belarusian State University, Faculty of International Relations ( It is the leading University in the Republic of Belarus; my specialty refers to the Department of Diplomatic and Consular Service ( It means that my level of translation expertise allow me to manage written translations in various fields. Moreover, I have experience of work as the foreign assistance engineer in Open Joint Stock Company «Holding Management Company «Belkommunmash», the leading Belarusian manufacturer of modern urban electric transport ( So I know the conceptual details of All-State Union standards (GOSTs) in Russian. Such knowledge considerably helps to cope with the most complex engineering specifications both in English and Russian.

My certificate of higher education in Russian.

Moreover, I have cooperated with EPAM Systems, Minsk,( ) as Service Desk Technician in order to study the IT lexis and working peculiarities of the field. This knowledge service me well, when I do written translations of outsource and localization projects.

Being a student, I managed to pass internship in the Embassy of Brazil in Minsk ( It helped me a lot to develop my expertise in Brazilian Portuguese. In addition, I passed the training in European Portuguese within the B2 5 year course in the Department of Romance Languages, BSU, Faculty of International Relations in Minsk. ( Among my first projects in Portuguese were the specifications of Joint stock company 140 repair plant ( The job included the translations of military specifications for Angola and Mozambique. Here, I have developed the first insights of the African Portuguese. In previous year I managed to complete the technical translations related to Angolan technical specifications for the OJSC «BELAZ» — Management Company of Holding “BELAZ”, the major global manufacturer of mining dump trucks and transport equipment for mining and construction ( The translation required in-depth understanding of the mechanical component in the field of trucks design. The engineering skills as well as textbooks in Portuguese helped me to successfully design the correct glossary.

During my studies in the University, I managed to pass Spanish classes as well, that is why I am quite familiar with Portunhola and Latin American dialects. Last year I completed a number of Mexican and Chilean translations at Smartcat.

Currently I am working with legal, business, technical, military, common, literary and academic translations. Moreover, I have positive feedback reviews from the clients in all these areas from clients from Europe, America and Asia ( In this case the secret of success is in the skill of correct glossary design and good communication with the project managers.

I invite you to get acquainted even more in personal communication. In case of interest, please contact me, so we could discuss you projects.

Smartcat reviews.

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