about features of Russian to English translation

Today, I would like to tell about the most recent project I made. The project included Technical translation from Russian into English. There were more than 10000 lines, more than 36000 words and only 7 days to do the job. All in all the average line included 3-10 words, mostly specifications, technical standards, numbers and instructions. In addition, the customer, the translation agency SP (www.smart-perevod.com) asked me to use the company glossary and leave the GOSTs as ГОСТ in Russian.

I would like you to evaluate the scope and speed of translation: it was totally manual input with the usage of glossaries and technical vocabulary. It took me about 6-8 hours per day to cope with 36000 words of technical GOST translation. The first days I struggled against 2000-3000 words, during the last days I managed more than 5000 words per day.

The working process of my technical translation is always divided into stages. The first one is pre-translation or “draft”. Here I translate ASAP everything I know; the goal is to cover each segment and word of the source text. The second stage is editing, when I work with vocabulary and glossaries. The final stage is post-editing, when I re-read all the text, check the vocabulary and submit the final variant of the target translation.

The most difficult part was to deal with the GOSTs, but I have completed the project successfully.

I would like to share with you the project details in images.

The project files

Red lines underline the segments with GOST translations

It is important to note that the project task was ready up to deadline and the project manager accepted the completed work. Now I am waiting for payment and next translations orders.

Here I showed a part of my daily working process, I hope it was interesting and informative for you. Currently I am in search of new translation orders, so if you need professional translation, please contact me.  Moreover, if you know someone, who can be interested in good translation, please share my post.

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