Localization translation – first impression

This post is about my first experience of Localization Translation at Smartcat.

It has one interesting feature of contextual translation, which I am going to mention today.

One of my clients, project manager, Natalya Karandashova from Krasnodar, Russian Federation, Kolko Group ltd., asked me to deal with the tender translation for localization of games Collapsed and Into the Green from English into Russian.

The localization translation as you can guess or know in many ways depends on the context of lore. The most difficult seemed to translate “enemies”, which here had the meaning of mobs. Throughout the translation “the mobs” had their personal descriptions, but, so the Borer was the Driller, Sapper was a Minesweeper and so on.

The description of the title “Into the Green” also caused some kind of complications, as from the first sight we can think here about the jungles and green forests. So, the translators from Thailand team did so. However, the promo video and the feedback from the customer gave the certain insights, as the Green meant the zone full of bushed in the center of the city full of mobs. In the end, the final alternatives were Thicket or Zone in Russian. After three rechecks together in close cooperation with the project manager we chose the best option according to the Customer, Thicket.

Finally, the good communication and professional attitude brought the expected results, the good feedback from the project manager at Smartcat.

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Published by Yahor Maishutovich

Hi, thanks for watching my page. I started to work as Freelance translator 2 years ago. Now, I have more than 3 mln. translated words of experience, more than 450 000 translated words via SmartCat platform during the last year. I have official registration as a translator in Belarus, BA and MA degree, serious partfolio and good quality feedback from my customers. Currently, I am open to work with texts of any field on the professional level with translation rate 0,03-0,05 $/word in Russian, English, Portuguese and Spanish. My translation speed rate is 4-5 000 words / day ASAP. In case of interest, Please contact me. Best regards, Maishutovich Yahor +375293153086 Maishutovich.yahor@gmail.com

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