This post is about me as a freelance translator. Read more about me to find out what I am capable of and how we can work together.

Today I am posting for the first time. Please, just keep reading; I hope it will be interesting for you.

Why do I need this?

I need this post to give you more information about myself and my achievements as a translator. I keep writing the personal blog as I would like to bring more interest among the possible clients to me and my services. Currently I am working in Minsk, Belarus, but working at Smartcat showed me that I can compete internationally.

I would like to post my customers reviews, challenges I faced during the work with the projects, feedback reviews and new techniques and methods of my work.

I suppose my posts can help to bring together me and my future clients, moreover it can help to find new friends and even help someone to start his future carrier as a freelance translator.

My aim is to post information about my business and to get more attention worldwide. Currently I am working as a single freelance translator. I hope my posts will help to get more project invitations so I could start my company and start teaching and hiring new professionals in the field of translations.

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